Wet Pipe Systems

The Installation of a Wet Pipe Sprinkler System to Protect Your Building

When it comes to fire protection, the wet pipe sprinkler system is the most common. Double Eight Fire Protection has perfected the installation and maintenance of this type of system, offering customers flawless installation to ensure your building is up to code and in compliance with strict fire protection regulations.


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Advantages of Wet Pipe Systems

Wet pipe sprinklers are one of the more versatile systems in the fire protection industry, as they can be installed anywhere that has adequate heat. The system is low maintenance, reliable and has the potential to be expanded or consolidated. Most significantly, the sprinklers are effective when combating fires. Suppose the unfortunate occurs and the system must be used – after successful containment, putting the system back in service is a relatively simple task, allowing for quick recovery times and faster protection.

Most Common Implications

This type of system is practical in a great number of situations. From commercial, to industrial, to residential and every environment in between, the wet pipe sprinkler system can be used to comply with fire protection regulations and, most importantly, protect you and your property.