About Us

The History of Double Eight

In April of 2010, Double Eight Fire Protection opened its doors in Dublin, Ohio with the primary goal of keeping Central Ohio area commercial and industrial buildings safe from fire damages. Many of our team members have 25 years or more of experience in the fire protection and maintenance realm. Throughout our years, we have used this expertise and combined knowledge to propel ourselves to the top of the industry. As it stands, it’s tough to travel a mile throughout the city without seeing a building or facility that we have not serviced.


For 24 hour Emergency Assistance  – 1-800-430-1885

Our Mission

Since Double Eight’s inception, we have maintained and promoted a message of integrity when it comes to servicing our customers. You are number one. Protecting you is our core objective – providing you with high quality resources and responding in a timely fashion are just two avenues in which we accomplish this goal. Have a job? We’ll get it done.

Our Philosophy

At the most basic level, we value relationships over all. No matter if you’re an esteemed client, respected employee or trusted vendor – you’re of great importance to us. We take great pride in our fire protection work, but implementation and presentation are only half of it. The other piece of the puzzle is the peace of mind we provide with these services. We’re doing our job correctly when you rest easy, knowing that your investment is secure. Through excellent customer communication, respectful working relationships and quality craftsmanship, we aim to protect you for life!