Maintenance & Inspection

Fire Protection Maintenance Services

Double Eight Fire Protection is second to none when it comes to equipping you with the proper resources to fight against fire damages. However, our job doesn’t stop there – not by a long shot. This is why our team of highly-trained technicians performs regular fire protection maintenance services, ensuring that your systems and supplemental equipment are in proper working order, up to code and up to the safety challenge. Through routine maintenance review and emergency repair, we aim to protect you from any potential hazards. Our emergency assistance services are available 24/7 to keep you safe at all times.


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Our most common repairs:

  • Fire Sprinkler Repair
  • Tamper/Flow Switches
  • Piping Leaks
  • Antifreeze Recharge
  • Dry Systems, including compressors
  • Fire Pump Rebuilds

Most common tests and services:

  • 5-Year Internal Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher Testing & Certification
  • Dry System Trip Tests
  • Fire Pump Testing
  • Special Hazard Testing
  • Backflow Testing
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Flow and Tamper Switch Operation
  • Annual, Semi-annual and Quarterly Inspections