Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pumps and Maintenance Services

Double Eight has a team of design professionals who can assist you in determining the system that will keep your project code compliant in the most effective manner.Take a look at our services and opt for the choice that serves your needs. Have questions regarding these services and systems? Then contact us today!

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Wet Pipe Systems

This is the most common option when it comes to building protection. Because of its flexibility, reliability and ease of use, wet pipe sprinkler system installation makes up about 90 percent of our system work. Simply put, it’s the fire protection industry standard.

Dry Pipe Systems

If your facility is located in an area that reaches sub-freezing temperatures, the dry pipe system is your safety solution. These pipes are filled with pressurized air, instead of water, as to prevent frozen and damaged pipes, while still providing optimal protection.

Fire Pumps

We have extensive experience with the design and installation of fire pumps. A fire pump is frequently utilized in warehouses with ESFR systems and can be used with any sprinkler system that requires more water or pressure than standard water source is potentially capable of supplying. Design standards with options in electric or diesel driven application.

Sprinkler System Design

Double Eight specializes in creating and seamlessly installing custom sprinkler design systems. We take the time to learn what your building is capable of and equipping it with a visually appealing, compliant fire protection network.


Pre-Action/Deluge Systems

When your circumstances require either a large blanket of water to quickly prevent fire from spreading or a more sensitive, targeted solution, the preaction and deluge systems, respectively, are the perfect fit for you. Equipped with a manual trigger or electronic triggering, both systems can be used at a moment’s notice, ensuring that your delicate area is secure.

Maintenance & Inspection

Double Eight Fire Protection is second to none when it comes to equipping you with the proper resources to fight against fire damages. However, our job doesn’t stop there – not by a long shot. This is why our team of highly-trained technicians performs regular fire protection maintenance services, ensuring that your systems and supplemental equipment are in proper working order, up to code and up to the safety challenge. Through routine maintenance review and emergency repair, we aim to protect you from any potential hazards. Our emergency assistance services are available 24/7 to keep you safe at all times. Double Eight enforces safety and promotes protection.